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Design-Build Remodeling: An Affordable and Creative Construction Alternative


The bidding process and the hiring of contractors, architects, or designers can often be intimidating and confusing. What most clients don’t know is that there are alternatives to the standard approach of hiring an architect and getting three estimates. For those individuals who are looking for more of an integrated approach to their project, Design-Build may be the way to go.

The Budget-Driven Approach

Shawn McCadden, a pioneer in the field of Design-Build describes it as follows: “Design-Build is a process whereby the homeowner selects a building and design team to assist with the new construction or remodeling project from conception. The contractor, designer(s) and engineer work together from the onset with the homeowner to manage cost and guide the project design based upon a predetermined budget range.”

In Design-Build cost is a part of the decision making process from the beginning. Alternatives can be presented so that the client can decide on what level of project to proceed with based upon what they can afford (or what they would like to spend). In a competitive-bidding scenario the design has already been determined. However, the actual project cost remains a mystery until the bids come in – sometimes significantly above what the client expected.

Why Design-Build Works

Integrating budget and design create fewer cost surprises. When a client decides to make decisions that impact the project cost, alternatives can be considered to keep the project within budget before the design work is completed and before a construction contract is signed. Since the Design-Build Team is brought together early on, the design and budgeting process can be more efficient since everyone will be working together toward a common goal.

The Process

The first step is the initial meeting between the client and the Design-Builder (usually a General Contractor) to define the scope of the work and the budget. When the client agrees to move forward, they sign a Design-Build agreement. This agreement establishes a cost for the design, which is generally a flat fee based upon the project budget, or it may be an hourly cost. Some projects may be simple, involving only the owner and Design-Builder. On larger remodeling projects, there may be several meetings with various team members prior to construction. The design team works with the owner to make the best decisions and materials selections that fit the budget. Once the design is completed and the price is finalized, the construction agreement is drafted and work will begin.

The goal of Design-Build is to create an integrated process for construction projects. The client is part of the creative work, helping make decisions that affect the project cost. By working together as a team towards a common creative and budget goal, we feel that Design-Build provides opportunities for a more enjoyable and affordable construction experience for everyone involved.

Written by Jim Gardner. Jim is a Piedmont resident and President of Jim Gardner Construction Inc.
You can contact him at (510) 655-3409.

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