How to Find a Bay Area Structural Repair Company You Can Trust

I hear it over and over from customers: someone hires the cheap guy they found on Craigslist to do their structural repair or drainage projects and end up paying way more down the road to fix issues that weren’t done right the first time. 

The question is, how do you find a contractor you can trust? 

Choosing a licensed contractor is a no-brainer. But beyond that, your best source of information is usually much easier to find than you think. 

I’m talking about online reviews. You can easily see what others have said about businesses you’re considering on sites like Google, Yelp, Facebook, and more. 

There’s one service, in particular, that is the “gold standard” for reviews of Bay Area contractors: Diamond Certified

What Is Diamond Certified and How Can It Help You Find Bay Area Contractors You Can Trust?

jim gardner construction reviewsDiamond Certified pioneered rating local companies based on customer satisfaction in 1990, back before the web existed. Their home, like yours, is the Greater Bay Area has decades of experience rating and certifying local companies on behalf of consumers.

Here’s why you should care … 

Only companies that score Highest in Quality and Helpful Expertise® in rigorous surveys of verified real customers earn the prestigious Diamond Certified award. 

Diamond Certified only allows a limited amount of companies to earn Diamond Certified status. In fact, only a handful of companies are able to qualify in most industries, and these are re-rated on an ongoing basis to assure you that they stay the best.

Jim Gardner Construction Is Now Diamond Certified! 

You can see the full report here

The certification process was extensive, consisting of forms, interviews and meetings, etc.  But the most significant element was that we had to provide a list of all clients for the past 4 years (approximately 400 of them), and they were all contacted and surveyed.  We needed to score a minimum of 90% customer satisfaction to get into the program.  These were the results:

  • Our Customer satisfaction rating was 10/10
  • Our Customer loyalty rating was 97%
  • Overall 5-star rating
As a small business owner this makes me very proud to know I am considered to be one of the top companies in the area of residential structural repair.  I’m hoping it will continue to enhance my reputation as an expert in this field and will allow me to expand my business and help more homeowners develop the best solutions to their repair problems.
Diamond Certified is definitely the next step in the growth of our company.

So long story short, if you are looking for a quick fix, we’re probably not the best fit for your job. 

But if you’re a homeowner in Alameda, Berkeley, El Cerrito, Oakland, Orinda, Piedmont, or San Leandro, CA who wants your structural repair job done right the first time, check out our Diamond Certified ratings here and then send us an estimate request

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