Montclair Construction Project – Remodeling Phase of a Basement Digout Project

Having completed our basement digout and needed drainage and foundation in Montclair to enable the new space we are continuing to work with our client through to the finished product.

Foundation is Laid for Our Montclair Construction Project

We are now working on the remodeling phase of a basement-digout project we recently completed in Montclair. We are rough framing the new rooms, and at the upper right of the photo you can see we are creating soffits to house plumbing and ductwork.

These rectangular openings are cutouts for new windows. Below the window openings you can see the black bituthene membrane used to waterproof the concrete foundation walls, along with the brown pressure-treated framing that will serve as the attachment point for new sheetrock. Rigid insulation will be installed between the framing. Without a proper moisture barrier, the new sheetrock could absorb moisture from the concrete and get wet over time. Note the temporary plumbing is still in place for the upstairs that will need to be relocated. The old sewer line went through the dirt in the crawlspace but will need to be relocated outside of the building under the current driveway.

All of our clients over the years have remained in their homes during their basement digouts and remodels. Because of this we need to maintain their existing utilities with minimal disruptions. Note the temporary water heater, plastic water lines and ductwork that will remain in place as we build out the soffits to relocate the new utilities.

One of the biggest challenges in basement projects is finding the best locations for piping, wiring and ductwork to service the upstairs and the new basement together.

Montclair Construction Projects: Foundations, Drainage Repair, & Basement Digouts

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