Why Foundation Drainage Is Important and Some Ways It Can Be Implemented

While water is necessary for our survival, an improper drainage system can wreak havoc on your Oakland foundation. According to the Insurance Information Institute, water damage is the costliest and, unfortunately, the most common disaster in homes. Installing proper foundation drainage is imperative as it:

  • Is a critical step towards waterproofing your home
  • Helps soil that supports the foundation maintain consistent moisture levels thus preventing differential movement, heaving, and settlement
  • Helps you comply with local codes

Defining foundation drainage?

Foundation drainage refers to a system or multiple systems that keep your foundation free of water. The system is installed on the exterior side of our structure’s foundation near its wall footing. A good drainage system should carry away rainwater away from your structure’s foundation, thus keeping it dry or only a little moist. 

Constant pooling of water around your structure may eventually weaken the foundation leading to costly repairs. That’s why quickly taking care of drainage repairs in Oakland is so important. 

How to implement foundation drainage

There are different ways through which you can install your foundation drainage . Here’s a brief look at each:

Gutter drainage system

While some wind-driven rainfall may strike the side of your house and end up near its foundation, most of the runoff is from the roof. This is why the most common type of drainage is the gutter system. The gutters collect the water while downspouts drain it away from the foundation. You can add extenders if you are worried that the downspouts are draining the rainwater too close. If possible, direct the water to a catch basin or a storm sewer. 

French drains

In this type of foundation drainage common in Oakland and the East Bay, a trench that slopes away from the house’s foundation is dug up. A perforated pipe is then placed on the trench, which is then filled with a porous material such as gravel. Standing water gets absorbed by the gravel, gets into the perforated pipe, and is carried away from the foundation.

Footing drains

This is arguably the most effective foundation drainage system. It involves the installation of a pipe around your foundation’s perimeter on the same level as its footing. This ensures that any water that could have leaked through the footing is collected and drained away. Footing drains work best if they are used alongside French drains. 

Grading drainage

This is a simple technique where the grading is reworked so that it slopes away from the structure. While it is simple, it involves quite a bit of work. Also, a contractor has to assess the right gradient for this type of drainage system to be effective. 

While foundation drainage is often overlooked, it is as important as the house’s foundation. For it to be effective, an experienced contractor must assess the situation and recommend the most appropriate drainage system. Jim Gardner Construction has, for a long time, been known as a reliable Oakland foundation expert providing long term solutions. Let us help you get your Oakland drainage problems solved! Contact us online or call (510) 655-3409. Our drainage repair Oakland team is available round the clock to answer all your queries. 

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