Oakland Foundation and Basement Remodel Work Continues During Shelter In Place

We are all still working at Jim Gardner Construction.

We are lucky to still be continuing with ongoing projects in these difficult times. Fortunately, as we generally work in the unoccupied parts of homes and are able to keep up with social distancing requirements that makes it feasible. The building departments are still operating in a limited capacity, mostly online and remotely with limited inspections, some done via photos and videos.

Here is the work we are currently doing:

Basement Remodel

We are now in the finish stages of this project we have been posting about for several months.

Earthquake Retrofit Seismic Upgrade, Foundation and Dryrot Repair

We are nearing completion on this project in Berkeley. You can see the metal panels located adjacent to the garage doors- these are Strongwalls to provide seismic rigidity at the front of the building. We will rebuild the deck framing, fix the door openings and reinstall the doors, then put on new stucco and a deck coating.

Another Basement Digout

We are working on a fairly substantial basement digout in Berkeley. We are in the massive excavation phase of the work. See our previous post where we did a big offhaul of soil at your yard in Alameda. The Dirt Den will fill up again in the next 30 days or so. We have a crew of 8 basically digging full time for probably around 6 weeks.

New Front Yard Project with Retaining Walls

We just started a new job in Piedmont, consisting of new retaining walls, patio, stairs and landscaping. We are finishing up the demo and working on the retaining walls.
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