Our storage facility and yard is located in Alameda near the old Naval base. We own a wide variety of equipment, tools and vehicles , including dump trucks, a Bobcat loader and excavator, and several conveyors to help us move dirt, concrete and gravel more efficiently at the job site. We have a full complement of cribbing, shoring and steel beams so we can support your home without the use of outside subcontractors. Since we own our own earthmoving equipment, and we have experienced equipment operators and truck drivers on the crew, we can exercise a level of control and precision with our demolition and excavation work that most contractors don't have. We employ a part-time mechanic to maintain our vehicles and equipment in tip-top condition.

By owning our own equipment we can make our jobs more efficient and we can work faster and more precisely, which allows us to cut costs and be more competitive. We can then pass on the savings to you, our valued customers.
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