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Drainage Solutions, Basement Waterproofing, Concrete – Stamped & Decorative, Concrete Driveways, Concrete Leveling, Concrete Repair, Drain Pipe Installation, Earthquake Retrofit, Excavating, Foundation Repair, Remodeling – Basements

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“Trustworthy, Dependable Construction Contractor”

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Jim Gardner Reviews on CitySearch


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“The quality of work that he and his crew provide will mean that your structural and/or drainage problems are solved for good.”

“completed the work quickly, left everything clean and took care of getting the building inspector to come and sign off on the permit”

“My foundation repair was done on time and within the budget we agreed upon”

“Jim Gardner Construction completed a total foundation replacement which included installation of a drainage system. I also had work done on my laundry room and a new concrete floor was poured. The project was completed on time and without issue”

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Jim Gardner Reviews on Yelp

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“He helped us solve a complex drainage problem”

“creative drawing on his decades of experience to suggest a creative solution”

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We are Foundation and Structural Repair Specialists.   Our projects include Foundation Repair and Replacement, Drainage Systems Design and Installation, Basement Dig-outs, Additions and Renovations, Retaining Walls, Earthquake Retrofitting, Termite and Dry-rot Repair, Garage Repair and Reconstruction, Driveways and Stamped Concrete, Emergency Work, Structural Repair, and Design-Build Remodeling