Older garages that are surrounded by soil on one or more sides are often in poor condition. Damage from water due to inadequate drainage or improper waterproofing is usually the primary culprit, leading to settlement, foundation and slab damage, wet garages, and related framing and structural repair. Jim Gardner Construction - Structural Contractor can provide you with an expert consultation, a clear solution to your problem, and answers to all your garage repair or replacement questions.

At Jim Gardner Construction - Structural Contractor we can fix the drainage issues, repair or replace your garage retaining walls, or rebuild your garage if needed. We work closely with a local structural engineer who can provide low cost engineering design so that your garage will be repaired or re-built in the best manner possible. Using our design-build process we can make changes to improve the size or the aesthetics of your garage so that it is more useable, and we can assist in the permitting and design process so this all goes smoothly.

  • Garage Repair
  • Garage Replacement
  • Garage Renovation
  • Garage Reconstruction
  • Garage Foundations
  • Garage Retaining Walls
  • Garage Slabs
  • Garage Slab Replacement
  • Garage Remodeling
  • Garage French Drains
  • Garage Drainage Repair
  • Garage Settlement Repairs
  • Garage Slab Repair