Whole House Remodels

If you’re a homeowner in Alameda, Berkley, Oakland, El Cerrito, and Piedmont, CA.

Sometimes You Have to Start From Scratch

Occasionally we work on homes that are significantly compromised to the point that a complete overhaul is warranted. Usual this occurs when the foundation issues are substantial, and often when there has been serious damage from leaky roofs or walls.

Whole House Projects Often Start With a Digout

With larger and more expensive projects like this it often make sense to create additional space to increase the value of the finished home.

New Foundation Retaining Walls Form the Shell

Substantial reinforcement is par for the course for the new foundation retaining walls creating the perimeter to the new lower level.

Substantial Reframing Will Often Be Completed

Since these houses are generally gutted, we have the unique opportunity to reconfigure the rooms to create a better layout, more bedrooms and baths, etc.

New Utilities Are a Must

Since everything is open, this is the opportunity to upgrade all of the electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems for the house.

New Doors and Windows Are Next

New energy efficient doors and windows, and wall, ceiling and floor insulation will make the house more comfortable and minimize future energy bills.

The Roof Was Reconstructed

Damaged roofing and roof framing lead to the replacement of the roof structure. A combination of batt insulation and rigid insulation are being installed here prior to new plywood sheathing and roofing.

The Usual Drill

Dywall, trim, tile, paint and flooring are installed as part of the finish work.

Plywood Sheathing is Installed at the Perimeter

The old board sheathing is removed and structural plywood is installed at the outside walls, providing superior support and earthquake resistance. Steel strongwalls are installed as part of the engineering to the garage to provide extra rigidity for the floor level above this large opening.

Lath is Installed Prior to Stucco

A double layer of paper and wire is installed prior to stucco work for critical waterproffing of the exterior.

Stucco is Next

A Rear Yard Retaining Wall is Installed

Because of the slope of the property, there was no real flat are behind the house. By excavating the soil out back and installing concrete retaining walls (with drainage) we were able to create a substantial patio space for future recreating.

The Finished Basement

This large family room with the requisite big screen and advanced sound system was the main part of the new basement. A home office, half bath and mechanical rooms were also installed.

The New Living Room

The original fireplace mantel was cleaned up, new tile installed and a gas fireplace insert was put in.

New Bathrooms

Custom Woodwork

All new handcrafted railings were installed.

A Modern Upgraded Kitchen

Cherry cabinetry, stainless steel appliances and stone countertops made for an interesting kitchen.

The Whole Ball of Wax

A year or so later the entire house was revamped, ready for another 100 years.

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